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The Impact of recession on expat investment planningInvestmentKnowledgeMoney Management
30th September 2022

The Impact of Recession on Expat Investment Planning

There is little doubt that expat investment planning has become more important over the last three years, as global crises seem to follow hot on each other's heels. At Chase…
Expat Pension Advice Accessing Your Pension EarlyKnowledgeMoney ManagementRetirement
22nd September 2022

Expat Pension Advice – Accessing Your Pension Early

In most cases, accessing a pension early isn't possible, but this is not a universal rule. The caveat is that if you have a pension scheme that permits withdrawals before…
Andalucía Wealth Tax ScrappedKnowledgeTax
21st September 2022

Andalucía Wealth Tax Scrapped, Effective Immediately

Junta President, Juanma Moreno, announced yesterday that wealth tax levies (el impuesto de patrimonio) would be eliminated across the region, corresponding with a reduced income tax rate, and the cancellation…
Qualify for Maltese CitizenshipInvestmentKnowledge
1st September 2022

Financial Factors of Investing to Qualify for Maltese Citizenship

We've previously written about the various routes to Maltese citizenship and residency, which covers the different visa application guidelines and investment thresholds to qualify. In this article we expand on…
understanding overseas university feesCompany News
22nd August 2022

Understanding Overseas University Fees

Educational costs are one of the core components of a long-term financial plan for many expatriates with children, grandchildren or family members, whether they intend to study in their home…
Your ISA When You Move OverseasInvestmentKnowledgeMoney Management
1st August 2022

What to Do With Your ISA When Moving Overseas

An ISA (Individual Savings Account) is a common component of a long-term savings and investment portfolio - but if you move outside of the UK, you need to decide on…
Offshore BondsInvestmentKnowledgeOffshore Investments
18th July 2022

Are Offshore Bonds a Viable Expat Investment Product?

Offshore bonds (also known as international bonds) can be a tax-efficient product for global expatriates looking for a medium to long-term investment with a five-year term or longer. In the…
Myth busting Misconceptions About the Viability of InvestmentInvestmentKnowledge
12th July 2022

Myth-busting Misconceptions About the Viability of Investment

Investment is an exponentially broad field, with countless products, strategies, timeframes and risk methodologies - and one that is often misunderstood. It is impossible to overstate the scale of options…
How Will UK Tax Band Freezes Impact Expat WealthKnowledgeTax
7th July 2022

How Will UK Tax Band Freezes Impact Expat Wealth

The 2022 budget introduced little in the way of changes, but the strategy of freezing tax reliefs, allowances and exemptions is a long game, with much of the impact just…
Currency Fluctuations When Managing an Expat Investment PortfolioKnowledgeMoney Management
2nd July 2022

The Importance of Currency Fluctuations When Managing an Expat Investment Portfolio

Currency exposure is a key concern for expatriates living overseas - for example, should you invest in the local currency, USD, EUR or GBP, and what difference will it make…
Living in Malta as a Tax ResidentKnowledgeMoney ManagementTax
25th June 2022

Living in Malta as a Tax Resident: Advice for Expats

The Maltese tax regime offers distinct advantages, depending on your residency status, with a system that works somewhat differently from the UK. Whether you are already living or working in…
The Statutory Residence Test Expat Tax Residency StatusKnowledgeMoney ManagementRetirementTax
15th June 2022

The Statutory Residence Test – Unpicking Expat Tax Residency Status

The UK's Statutory Residence Test (SRT) is something you'll come across if you live abroad, split your time between countries, or earn an income overseas - but it can be…
Golden Visa Investment SchemesInvestmentKnowledge
5th June 2022

Are Golden Visa Investment Schemes About to Change Forever?

Golden visas, or citizenship by investment (CBI) schemes, have long been an option for expatriates looking to relocate. Foreign nationals can buy an overseas home or invest in a non-profit…
Inflation and Interest RatesCompany NewsMoney ManagementWealth Building
20th May 2022

What Inflation and Interest Rates Mean for Market Volatility in 2022

Sharp shifts in interest rates, living costs, and household expenditure dominate the news - but what does inflation mean for investors, and what can we do to prepare for the…
The most tax-efficient countries to retire toMoney ManagementTax
15th May 2022

The Most Tax-Efficient Countries to Retire To

Selecting an overseas retirement destination is often difficult, with complex considerations around location, climate, community, healthcare, and living standards. It's also important to evaluate how your income and outgoings may…
Comparing Financial Advice StandardsKnowledgeMoney Management
20th April 2022

Comparing Financial Advice Standards: UK vs Canadian Financial Advice Regulation

The regulatory framework in Canada tends to be more complex than in the UK, given that individual provinces have autonomy about factors such as consumer protection legislation. A mixture of…
Retiring to MaltaKnowledgeRetirement
15th April 2022

Retiring to Malta – Secure Your Pension Fund as an Expat

Malta is a highly desirable European destination, with advantageous visa programmes, beautiful island scenery and a near-perfect climate. Foreign nationals often choose Malta in preference to other destinations owing to…
Time For an Investment Portfolio ReviewInvestmentKnowledge
11th April 2022

Is It Time You Had An Investment Portfolio Review?

Over time, our investment aspirations and acceptable risk exposure will inevitably change, impacted by many variables and scenarios. If you haven't reviewed your portfolio (or can't remember the last time…
Global-OutlookKnowledgeGlobal Outlook
6th April 2022

Global Outlook Spring 2022

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a humanitarian disaster, in addition to the tragic loss of life and disruption to the lives of many, the economic impact is being felt…
British State Pension in Canada Taxes for Expats ExplainedKnowledgeRetirement
21st March 2022

Claiming a British State Pension in Canada: Taxes for Expats Explained

The British State Pension is claimable from any country. But, things can get complicated if you're receiving both private and state benefits, need to convert that income into Canadian Dollars…
Financial Adviser in SpainMoney ManagementKnowledge
10th March 2022

Choosing a Professional Financial Adviser in Spain

If you've recently moved to Spain, need to tackle your taxation obligations, or require support with a specific financial decision, the quality of your financial adviser is an important factor.…
Safely Manage Cross Border Investments as an ExpatInvestmentOffshore Investments
5th March 2022

Safely Manage Cross-Border Investments as an Expat

As more and more people relocate across borders and choose to settle in alternative destinations, the world of cross-border banking and investment has greatly expanded - but the choices you…
Finding an Accredited Financial Adviser in CanadaMoney Management
2nd February 2022

Finding an Accredited Financial Adviser in Canada

Financial advice is a broad sector, with a huge contrast between the quality, costs, reliability and nature of guidance offered. Finding an adviser you trust to steer you through your…
The Best Expat Investment Opportunities in 2022InvestmentWealth Building
1st February 2022

The Best Expat Investment Opportunities in 2022

While it is impossible to predict market movements with absolute certainty, 2022 presents an interesting range of investment opportunities for global expats. Post-pandemic economic recovery, emerging tech and interest in…
Tax Return Obligations and Deadlines as a UK Non ResidentTax
31st January 2022

Tax Return Obligations and Deadlines as a UK Non-Resident

The 31st January self-assessment filing deadline remains the same every year. Still, millions of taxpayers continue to pay late filing penalties and interest charges, often due to misunderstanding their obligations…
Expat Savings AdviceMoney ManagementInvestment
18th January 2022

Expat Savings Advice – Leveraging Your Assets as a Retirement Strategy

When it comes to savings, many people are naturally reluctant to move their money or do anything that could impact the total value - even if the associated risk is…
Wealth Management for ExpatsMoney ManagementWealth Building
15th January 2022

Wealth Management for Expats: Global Consumer Protection Schemes Explained

Most British nationals know of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This consumer protection means that amounts deposited with a UK institution are insured to £85,000, per person, per organisation.…
Ten Expat Inestment Advice TipsInvestment
5th January 2022

Ten Expat Investment Advice Tips

Investing as an expat comes with a multitude of complications and tax considerations. A profitable investment portfolio is certainly achievable, building capital growth over the long term with a stable,…
Global-OutlookGlobal Outlook
20th December 2021

Global Outlook Winter 2021

  In early December, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published its latest appraisal of world economic prospects. In a relatively positive assessment, the Paris-based soothsayer predicted that…
Family Focused Financial PlanningKnowledgeMoney Management
17th December 2021

Family-Focused Financial Planning: How to Talk About Money 

Wealth is often a sticky subject for families, but it's also important for children and relatives to understand things like inheritance tax planning. There are countless options and potential opportunities…
Translating Your Investment PortfolioKnowledgeInvestment
16th December 2021

Performance Points: Translating Your Investment Portfolio Performance

Most investors rely on their advisers and fund managers to deliver reports showing how their assets are performing and projecting future returns. The issue can be that investment portfolio reports…
EHIC – What Happens Post Brexit for ExpatsKnowledge
29th November 2021

EHIC – What Happens Post-Brexit for Expats?

Health insurance is a prerequisite for most international visas, and sourcing affordable, quality treatment remains a concern for many expats in a post-Brexit world. Let’s look at how the EU…
Tax Implications of Transferring a UK Pension to CanadaTaxRetirement
16th November 2021

Tax Implications of Transferring a UK Pension to Canada

Decisions about the right way to access your UK pension in Canada should never be taken lightly, with the risk of exposing lifetime savings to substantial (and often unnecessary) taxation.…
Later Life CareKnowledgeRetirement
15th October 2021

Budgeting for Later Life Care – The Expats Guide

Later life care is important to factor into your retirement planning, whether you'd like to guarantee first-class support for your relatives or ensure your retirement needs will be taken care…
Pension Fund is Likely to Hit the Lifetime Allowance LimitKnowledgeRetirement
9th October 2021

How to Calculate if Your Pension Fund is Likely to Hit the Lifetime Allowance Limit

Regular pension reviews are important to ensure you're on track to hit your aspirations. Identifying a potential shortfall early can be invaluable in adjusting your investments to ensure your retirement…
David Howell Golf SeveGolfCompany News
7th October 2021

Remembering the one and only, Seve

Every time I set foot on Spanish soil to play golf I can't help but think about all the amazing golfers that have come from this part of Europe. So…
UK State PensionKnowledgeRetirement
29th September 2021

What Happens to My UK State Pension if I Move Abroad?

Living overseas comes with many advantages and transitions - not least identifying what happens to your pension schemes. Here we look at what happens to your UK State Pension if…
Wealth Management StrategyKnowledgeMoney ManagementWealth Building
22nd September 2021

How to Risk-Assess Your Wealth Management Strategy

Risk exposure and risk appetite are terms you'll often hear in a wealth management context - and they're essential to understand. The goal for many individuals is to have a…
Global-OutlookGlobal Outlook
15th September 2021

Global Outlook Autumn 2021

  Although the strength of the global recovery over the first half of this year exceeded many expectations, the economic outlook continues to remain uncertain. While future growth prospects are…
citizen vs residentTaxKnowledge
9th August 2021

Citizen vs Resident – What is the Difference?

The contrasts between citizenship, residency and tax residency aren't always obvious. However, they can make a profound difference to your living costs and security as an expat. Let’s clarify each…
Expat Pension Planning CanadaKnowledgeRetirement
2nd August 2021

Expat Pension Planning Advice for Retirement in Canada

Canada is one of the most popular expat destinations in the world - and with good reason. But, along with deciding where to live, enrolling in schools and registering for…
Investment Portfolio PlateauInvestmentKnowledge
19th July 2021

Six Tips to Prevent an Investment Portfolio Plateau

Creating a high-performing investment portfolio is one thing - making sure it stays that way, quite another. The reality is that markets change, currencies fluctuate, risk appetites evolve, and your…
Expat Retirement in Cyprus 1200 x 800RetirementKnowledgeMoney Management
5th July 2021

Planning for Expat Retirement in Cyprus

If you're planning to relocate to enjoy an idyllic coastal lifestyle in Cyprus, one of the essentials to put on your list is a pension review. Now, we know that…
Pension Planning in BelgiumKnowledgeRetirement
28th June 2021

Expat Advice for Pension Planning In Belgium

Moving overseas comes with so many 'to-do' lists; it might feel like the simplest option is to leave your pension products in place. However, it's impossible to exaggerate the critical…
David Howell The European TourCompany News
24th June 2021

Being On The European Tour in the Time of Covid

This week has been my birthday, 46 years old. An occasion that often lends itself to moments of reflection. I’ve been playing and traveling on the European Tour for 26…
UK Lifetime Allowance TaxesKnowledgeMoney ManagementRetirement
12th June 2021

UK Lifetime Allowance Taxes – How to Protect Your Pension

While having a pension fund of over £1 million may seem ideal, retirees face a complication. If they contribute over the Lifetime Allowance limit, they face potentially substantial tax bills…
Compound InterestKnowledgeMoney Management
25th May 2021

Compound Interest: The Highs and Lows

Compound interest is a financial term often heard but little understood. It's something you'll commonly see associated with borrowing products, including loans and credit cards, and with savings accounts and…
Expat Financial AdviceKnowledgeMoney Management
15th May 2021

The Post-Brexit Expat Financial Advice Crisis

Changes to financial regulation laws following the UK's departure from the EU have a serious impact on hundreds of thousands of British expats living in Europe. Worryingly, many seem unaware…
David Howell Brand AmbassadorCompany NewsGolf
13th May 2021

David Howell – Chase Buchanan Brand Ambassador

Multiple European Tour and Ryder Cup winner David Howell has signed a partnership agreement with private wealth management company Chase Buchanan becoming their latest global Ambassador. The partnership was announced…
Expat Retirement PlanningKnowledgeRetirement
28th April 2021

Expat Retirement Planning – Now is the Best Time to Start

Retirement can creep up on us, and it's common for younger adults to assume they have plenty of years to think about saving and budgeting. Having a pension scheme is…
Succession Planning SpainKnowledgeMoney Management
10th April 2021

Controlled Succession Planning Considerations for Expats in Spain

Estate planning, or succession planning, is always a key priority for expats who want to ensure their assets and wealth are distributed to their intended recipients when they pass away.…
UK Inheritance TaxTaxKnowledge
22nd March 2021

UK Inheritance Tax Rules – The FAQs

Inheritance Tax, or IHT, is a complicated topic with many different factors, clauses and conditions to bear in mind. This complexity means that, unlike other British tax categories, IHT differs…
Financial FutureMoney ManagementKnowledge
21st March 2021

Five Ways to Safeguard Your Financial Future

We work diligently throughout our lives to progress in our careers, make sound investment decisions, and manage our wealth as efficiently as possible. Protecting that wealth, and defending against risk…
Expat Succession PlanningKnowledgeMoney Management
18th February 2021

Future Proof Expat Succession Planning

Succession planning is a vital consideration for expats around the world. Putting a strategy in place can make the process significantly easier for your beneficiaries, as well as preserving the…
Investing in British PropertyInvestment
11th February 2021

The True Cost of Investing in British Property

Bricks and mortar is a mainstay of the UK investment market. While many sectors have more significant potential for fluctuation, the property market is a stable, long-term investment option where…
Investment ProductsInvestmentOffshore Investments
25th January 2021

Moving to Spain: Evaluating Tax-Efficiencies of UK Assets and Investments

If you've moved to Spain as a foreign national, or are considering relocating to the Mediterranean shores, having a budget and a plan is even more vital than packing your…
UK ExpatsKnowledge
23rd January 2021

Checklist for UK Expats Returning to Britain 

Over the last year, Brexit combined with the COVID-19 pandemic have undoubtedly made it more likely that UK expats living overseas will decide to return home. That could be temporary,…
Financial AdviserMoney Management
20th January 2021

Evaluate the Value of Your Financial Adviser During a Crisis

There is no doubt that the past year has been significantly challenging for us all. Not least for British expats who are residing in a European country. With the unique…
UK Inheritance TaxTax
10th January 2021

UK Domicile and UK Inheritance Tax

The subject under discussion here is UK Inheritance Tax and it is a complicated and often misunderstood tax. It not only has a relevance to UK residents, but this article…
Global-OutlookGlobal OutlookBrexitCOVID-19
22nd December 2020

Global Outlook Winter 2020

The pandemic continues to present an array of challenges but, as we stand on the precipice of a New Year, shoots of optimism are beginning to emerge, with rising hopes…
UK Expat PensionsBrexitKnowledge
16th December 2020

How Brexit Will Forever Alter UK Expat Pensions

As 2020 continues to spin from one crisis to the next, Brexit seems to have faded into the background. After all, the UK has already left the European Union, and…
Your Investment PortfolioBrexitInvestmentKnowledge
30th November 2020

Are you Paying too Much for Your Investment Portfolio?

The Chase Buchanan teams around the world are focussing on making sure every one of our clients is 2021 tax ready. Repeatedly, as we conduct investment portfolio reviews and fee…
UK Expats & BrexitBrexit
1st October 2020

UK Expats & Brexit – Planning for Financial Security

With around 5.5 million UK nationals living permanently abroad, the upcoming end of the Brexit Transition Period on 31st December 2020 is a serious concern for almost 10% of British…
UK Nationals in EuropeBrexit
28th September 2020

UK Nationals in Europe – Is Your Bank Account At Risk?

On 31st December 2020, the Transition Period will end, and the UK departure from the EU will come into force. While discussions continue around life past 2020, there remains much…
Pension Transfer ProcessKnowledgeRetirement
10th August 2020

Understanding the UK Pension Transfer Process

Our pensions are one of the most crucial financial investments we make and are there to provide a safe, comfortable and secure retirement enjoying all the things we love! However,…
Offshore Investment ManagementKnowledgeOffshore Investments
23rd July 2020

Understanding Offshore Investment Management 

When it comes to investing our money, it is essential to understand the terminology and the process. Offshore investment is a lucrative opportunity - particularly for expats looking to maximise…
Financial Planning KnowledgeMoney Management
8th July 2020

Where to Start with Financial Planning 

Financial planning can feel like a minefield; you know that taking care of your assets and planning for the future is vital, but don't know where to start! As global…
Global-OutlookGlobal Outlook
23rd June 2020

Global Outlook
Summer 2020

The pandemic has inflicted an enormous human cost across the globe. The response, which has involved governments’ imposing a range of necessary measures designed to combat the spread of the…
Financial Adviser FeesKnowledgeMoney Management
22nd June 2020

Financial Adviser Fees – What You Should Know

A financial adviser is an invaluable resource for expats in effectively managing your finances. When it comes to making important investment decisions, particularly around the complexities of cross-border transactions, a…
Expat Tax PlanningTaxKnowledge
2nd June 2020

Cross-Border Lockdown Living – Expat Tax Planning

For the many expats who share their time between the UK and overseas, the extensive global travel restrictions in place due to lockdown legislation presents a unique challenge. Lockdown Travel…
Retirement PlanningCompany NewsRetirement
18th May 2020

Close to Retirement – Tips for Turbulent Market Retirement Planning

Media reports and forecasts of a volatile financial market, currency devaluations and impending financial crises are worrying at the best of times. If you are nearing retirement, a turbulent market…
How Much Money Do I Need to Retire AbroadCompany NewsRetirement
3rd May 2020

How Much Money Do I Need to Retire Abroad?

We look forward to retirement as a relaxing, rewarding period of our lives when we can take a step back from the breakneck speed of working life. Expats choose to…
Taxes for ExpatsKnowledgeTax
22nd April 2020

Taxes for Expats in Spain

Living in Spain offers a complete change in the pace of life from many other countries. However, once you have relocated and are enjoying the lifestyle on offer, you will…
Wealth Management for ExpatsMoney Management
22nd April 2020

Wealth Management for Expats – Top Considerations

One of the most important aspects to consider when relocating to a new country is your quality of life. Wealth management for expats is an essential consideration to ensure that…
Expat Forums in SpainKnowledge
22nd April 2020

Top Expat Forums in Spain

It isn’t hard to see why Spain is such a popular destination. With a rich culture and heritage, high standard of living and, of course, the luscious Mediterranean climate, it…
Expat ForumsKnowledge
22nd April 2020

Top Expat Forums in Portugal

With some of the most stunning beaches and landscapes in Europe, beautifully warm summers and mild winters, and a relaxed pace of life, Portugal has a lot to offer. Having…
covid-19Company NewsCOVID-19
30th March 2020

Keep Your Financial Cool During the Coronavirus Crisis

Markets have rebounded somewhat after several weeks of declines following continued Coronavirus worries and the oil price drop leaving most major indices 25-30% down. The effect of Coronavirus is still…
Global-OutlookGlobal OutlookCOVID-19The Economy
20th March 2020

Global Outlook
Spring 2020

Stock markets around the world are currently suffering a major period of volatility as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. We are in unchartered territory. At this point it's impossible…
Global-OutlookBrexitGlobal OutlookThe Economy
17th January 2020

Global Outlook
Winter 2019

Downgrades to global growth estimates for 2019 and 2020 were headline statistics when the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released their most recent World Economic Outlook. The Outlook warned that the…
BrexitGlobal OutlookThe Economy
18th October 2019

Global Outlook
Autumn 2019

Data shows the global economy faltered in Q2, stoking fears of a downturn. This was reflected in downgrades to global growth forecasts for both this year and next from the…
Company News
11th October 2019

Our New Look
And a New Era at
Chase Buchanan

We're thrilled to share with you our new website (www.chasebuchanan.com) and you'll see that, along with our logo and overall branding, it's undergone a significant transformation. This represents an exciting…
Money Management
31st July 2019

How To Manage Your Money – A Beginner’s Guide

How you manage, spend, and invest your money has a profound impact on your life, yet most of us reach adulthood without ever being taught basic money management. It can…
BrexitGlobal OutlookThe Economy
3rd July 2019

Global Outlook Summer 2019

In its assessment of the global economy published in mid-April, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) further downgraded its economic growth projections for 2019. Advance a couple of weeks to the…
Investment DiversificationInvestmentMoney Management
30th June 2019

Why Investment Diversification Matters

Diversification is the practice of spreading your investments around so that your exposure to any one type of asset is limited. This practice is designed to help reduce the volatility…
12th June 2019

How to have enough money for retirement

How to ensure you have enough money for retirement. An enjoyable and relaxing retirement is what most people spend their working life waiting for, but how does anyone know they…
12th June 2019

Generating Retirement Income

A simple, effective way to generate the income needed in retirement One of the biggest challenges most people face in retirement is generating the regular income they need and maintaining…
InvestmentMoney Management
12th June 2019

What are Structured Products?

You may have seen or heard structured products being offered by banks, institutions and financial advisers but what are they? Structured products are designed to offer highly customized risk-return objectives.…
Money Management
12th June 2019

Understanding Asset Classes

An asset class is a group of securities that have similar financial characteristics, behave similarly in the marketplace, and are subject to the same laws and regulations. The three main…
InvestmentMoney Management
12th June 2019

Overcoming Suspended Funds in your investment portfolio

I regularly take on the management of investment portfolios for clients, either where they have been disappointed by returns or let down by their existing advisers. Surprisingly often in the…
InvestmentMoney Management
12th June 2019

How Anyone Can Achieve Financial Independence

Why can some professionals making $2 million a year quickly go bankrupt, while someone on an average income can retire and have no financial worries? The path to achieve financial…
InvestmentMoney Management
12th June 2019

Handling stock market swings

What's the best way to handle swings in stocks and retain value within an investment portfolio? This may seem like a silly thing to think about now, but you don't…
InvestmentMoney Management
12th June 2019

5 Steps to Review Your Investment Portfolio

Now is a popular time of year that I sit down with many of my clients to review their financial situation and investments. But what are the steps you should…
Income StreamsMoney ManagementWealth Building
12th June 2019

Creating Passive Income – A Key To Wealth

Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. Creating passive income is one of the quickest ways to improve your overall…
DebtMoney Management
12th June 2019

Managing Debt

Debt, even a little, can cause lots of problems both financially and emotionally but there are steps you can take to try and reduce or even eliminate debt from your…
BrexitThe Economy
15th March 2019


As valued clients we want to keep you updated on Brexit and any impact this may have on your relationship with Chase Buchanan. As a financial services company based in…
31st May 2017

Assurance Vie and avoiding the main taxes in France

There are three major taxes that threaten the unprotected capital of even the moderately well-off expatriate in France. Income tax; wealth tax, and inheritance tax are all queuing up for…
18th October 2016

Trust based vs Contract Based

It is commonplace for multi-member personal schemes, such as a large proportion of UK based Self Invested Personal Pensions ("SIPP's") and Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes ("QROPS") around the world,…
InvestmentMoney Management
3rd June 2016

Assignment of an Investment Bond

What is an Assignment? It is a change of ownership of a life insurance investment bond or capital redemption bond or assignment of policy 'segments' of either type of investment…
Offshore InvestmentsTax
9th May 2016

Tax Advantages of Offshore Investment Bonds

Time Apportionment Relief and Top-Slicing Relief Time Apportionment Relief Time apportionment relief (TAR) is available to Offshore Bond policyholders who have been non - UK resident during the policy term…

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