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Financial Planning is everything and it’s not a one off!

It is key to have an ongoing process that helps you make sensible decisions about what to do with your money so that it works to help you achieve your goals. It’s not just about having a pension or an ISA, it’s about defining your life plans and objectives and holistically looking at your financial arrangements and making sure they are all helping you achieve them.

First things first, you need to establish your life goals, key plans and timeframes (short, medium and long), you need to understand what your assets and liabilities are and then our advisers can help you create a plan for achieving those goals and then crucially help you monitor and evolve them.

Expat Financial Planning – For a Lifetime of Support

Personal wealth and finances are fundamental parts of our lives. Chase Buchanan’s financial planning services cover every area of decision-making, ensuring you have long-term support from a team of exceptional global advisers, helping you reach each of your aspirations as they develop.

There is no bad time to have financial assistance, and our worldwide teams across Europe, Canada and the UK work with a vast range of expat clients at different stages of their financial management journey.

Some of the critical areas where professional guidance can make a profound difference to your financial security include:

  • Crafting complete financial plans, incorporating every element of your income, expenditure, tax obligations, investments, savings and assets.
  • Succession planning, gift taxes, philanthropy, and charity planning ensures your legacy meets your wishes and provides optimal benefits to your recipients.
  • Protection against unforeseen circumstances such as health, asset loss, unemployment, or bereavement will keep you on solid ground in challenging times.
  • Financial support provides for or adjusts for life-changing events when an expert can help you make critical decisions for your financial wellbeing.
  • Education fees planning, looking at strategies to leverage your investments or assets to provide lifetime advantages for your children, grandchildren and dependents.
  • Retirement planning assists with crucial decisions around international pension transfers, competing pension funds, and other retirement investment options.
  • Tax planning, a vital area of concern for expats, to structure your finances incorporating all available reliefs and allowances.
  • Investment advice to analyse your assets and build a portfolio that supports your investment requirements. Our portfolio health check is also a highly beneficial exercise to assess your current management fees and investment performance.

Making decisions about any of these essential financial areas without professional advice is never advisable. Just as we consult a health expert to manage an illness, the best financial advisers will consistently achieve an optimal outcome for your economic prospects.

Chase Buchanan’s teams of consultants harness outstanding expertise in every aspect of wealth management, including local knowledge about state or municipal tax regimes through all of our office locations and beyond.

Transparent Wealth Management for Robust Financial Planning

Your financial strategies will necessarily change over time, from choosing a mortgage product for a first property purchase, picking smart investments, and reassessing your risk exposure level when you prepare for retirement.

We aim to cut out jargon, complexity and confusion to help you make clear, informed judgments about the right solutions for your wealth, your circumstances, and your family.

Financial planning is a long-term process whereby we assess several crucial factors:

  • Immediate financial needs, opportunities, obligations and aspirations.
  • Medium-term goals, risk appetite and any investment preferences.
  • Future plans, such as in which country you wish to retire, in how many years, and drawing upon which assets.

The first step in a new financial planning relationship is to organise a private consultation with our wealth management advisers. We need to know what matters most to you and structure our recommendations around those priorities.

Our advisers then develop an integrated and bespoke financial plan to meet your needs, with a thorough assessment of your existing financial position, assets and obligations to ensure we have identified the best way to cater to these.

Chase Buchanan believes in full fee transparency and will always run through any pros and cons of any suggestion made, along with a cost breakdown, to help you make informed choices.

Every action we take according to your personal financial plan is performed with precision, supported by our dedicated teams worldwide, accompanied by regular reviews and reporting. Hence, you always know exactly where you stand.

Financial Planning Advice From the Global Wealth Management Experts

As a British expat, financial planning with all the implications of cross border investment, double tax treaties and country-specific regulations can seem a web of confusing decisions to make.

Having a professional expat financial adviser on your team is an excellent way to ensure financial security and make positive choices about the best way forward for your finances.

Chase Buchanan is a leading financial advisory service supporting British expats worldwide, with offices throughout Europe, the USA, Canada, and our UK Administration Centre.

We offer a comprehensive financial planning service with regular portfolio analysis and reporting to ensure you have the benefit of every available opportunity, tax efficiency, income protection and contingency planning.

Please download our complimentary Guide to Financial Planning to learn more, or contact your nearest Chase Buchanan office to organise a convenient time to discuss how we can help.

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With financial planning an essential ongoing practically that should not be ignored, our expat financial planning will help you reach your goals.
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