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Financial advisors with a strong background in expatriate financial advice.

Expat Wealth Management – Across the US States

Chase Buchanan is a full-service wealth management team, delivering investment prowess and future-proof strategies to our clients throughout the US.

With a team of outstanding professionals, each holding the highest accreditations, we work with every client to tailor your portfolio and asset strategy to optimise performance in each market climate.

Working with Chase Buchanan is about more than achieving great returns. It is about having confidence in your decisions, accessing emerging opportunities, planning for the future and having the trust that your assets are working for you in alignment with your aspirations.

As a private firm with an in-house Tax Advisory panel, working with Chase Buchanan means having access to long-term support across every aspect of managing your wealth, assets and investments.

Get in touch with our team today, and see how our US financial advisory team can transform your portfolio. We give you the freedom to make the most of your expat lifestyle, with our team by your side every step of the way.

Why is choosing an investment advisor crucial to your portfolio performance?

Wealth management is a craft, delivered with the considered application of professional expertise, personal understanding and market research. Chase Buchanan provides actionable, proactive advice to support your investment goals.

Our international teams combine global opportunities to create a platform from which retirement strategies, wealth management plans and relocation moves can be structured and planned for most effectively.

As a private firm of professionals, our consultants have the freedom to leverage the best opportunities in the markets, recommended in line with an understanding of your risk exposure demands and requirements for liquidity.

When choosing your investment advisor, it is essential to work alongside a reputable team of experts. Chase Buchanan Advisory Services in the United States are offered and provided through Beacon Global Advisor Network, LLC and as such the advice is regulated by the SEC.

With a focus on outstanding personal service, every strategy we recommend is supported by a complete proposal to help you make informed decisions. Our teams also provide regular reporting to ensure you have complete control over your assets at all times.

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We offer services in the US, have offices around Europe, clients globally and a team that can support your needs wherever you are.

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Advisory Services in the United States offered and provided through Beacon Global Advisor Network, LLC.
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