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The Value of Investing to Protect your Health, Income and Life

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Wealth and health protection is vital to UK nationals living as expats around the world. By safeguarding your financial assets, you equip yourself with a defence against future changes and ensure that, should you encounter any challenges, you are financially prepared for whatever the future may bring.

The three pillars of wealth protection are health, income, and life; all factors that are intrinsically essential for your well-being, quality of living, and future comfort.

While we all buy insurance products to protect our homes, cars and possessions, the truly valuable things can often be overlooked – with potentially dramatic consequences.

Chase Buchanan has created our FREE Health, Income & Life Protection Guide to explain what these pillars mean, why they are crucial to protecting your assets, and what we can do as an expert global wealth management team to put that safety net in place.

None of us can know what the future holds, as demonstrated by recent events.

Our complimentary Guide considers what you can do, now, to protect against such unforeseen circumstances:

  • Creating a contingency plan for the loss of a job, business, or income stream.
  • Ensuring that you have access to the best healthcare available should you, or a family member, become unwell or injured.
  • Protecting the future stability of your family wealth by seeking tailored life cover that is specifically suited to your circumstances.

The Chase Buchanan team isn’t here to sell you insurance products. Instead, we are a global team of wealth management consultants with expertise in every aspect of financial planning, investment portfolio management, and bespoke advice to secure your future and that of your family.

Every course of action we recommend follows a thorough private consultation process.

Once we understand your position, your finances, your assets and your aspirations, we can advise on the optimal ways to protect your wealth, and provide for whatever the future might bring.

Health, income and life protection

Protecting your Family Now, and in the Future

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It is crucial to seek professional financial advice to safeguard your assets.

Differences in tax legislation, succession planning rules and healthcare provision are significant across borders.

To prepare sufficiently for the future, it is vital that you consult an experienced team who understands the finer detail of legislation in your host country and can adapt your investment strategies accordingly.

Insuring your wealth is an investment into your future safety, security, and comfort and having professional assistance  gives you piece of mind that the protection you select is the ideal product and covers any eventualities you wish to safeguard against, while at a cost that is viable and competitive.

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We ensure you never invest in any insurance that doesn’t offer the best possible protection for you, with all the information required to make an educated decision about the best options.

Download your FREE Health, Income & Life Protection Guide today to learn more about the benefits of financial planning, and how it could make all the difference.

About Chase Buchanan

Chase Buchanan is proud to uphold our reputation for excellence, with local offices around the world in Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, France, Canada, Belgium, the USA, the Isle of Man and our Administration Centre in the UK.

From investment strategies to retirement plans, health protection and life insurance, we consider your circumstances, and the potential scenarios you most need to defend against, delivering individual recommendations tailored to your requirements.

We recognise the unique nature of every family, and every portfolio, and seek to offer the highest standard of professional support to ensure you invest wisely, safely, and in a way that supports your family’s long-term goals.

Our team is on hand to answer any questions you might have about the best way to prepare for the future, and safeguard your assets for the generations to come.


Health Income Life Protection

Download your complimentary Guide to Health, Income and Life Protection today.

This resource explains the importance of protecting your wealth, with guidance to assess the most suitable insurances for your family and future plans.

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