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Your Guide to Expat Taxes
in Malta

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Whether you’re planning your retirement on the beautiful Maltese islands, looking to purchase a property, invest, or relocate permanently to the Mediterranean coastline, protecting your wealth is important.

While much of the Maltese tax system works similarly to the UK, there are considerable differences in exposure to inheritance taxes, income tax brackets and the deductions you need to budget for depending on your tax residency status.

Known for favourable tax regimes and as a welcoming destination for expats, Malta is undoubtedly a popular option with families, professionals and retirees – and with careful planning, there are countless opportunities to secure your financial future.

Chase Buchanan’s Expat Guide to Taxes in Malta provides a straightforward overview of how taxes work in Malta, what you’re likely to pay, and why your residency status makes such an impact.

Download your free copy today for further information about:

  • Income tax, inheritance tax and succession planning rules.
  • Ways to establish your residency status and clarify your position.
  • Managing international wealth, assets and investments.
  • Declaring your foreign income in Malta.

As a global wealth management adviser with a network of offices throughout Europe, Chase Buchanan can advise on any topics explored in this guide and ensure you have professional support in making meaningful decisions that will affect your finances in the years to come.

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The expat guide to taxes in malta

Taxes for Expats in Malta

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Every country has a unique landscape of filing requirements, tax regulations, declaration rules and tax brackets, so understanding how everything works before you relocate is advisable.

Many decisions you make now – including how you manage your pension wealth – will dictate your tax exposure on relocation as well as your ongoing financial stability.

The right decisions for you will depend entirely on the types of assets or investments you hold in your portfolio, your aspirations for your new life overseas, and how and when you anticipate drawing on your pension fund.

Following Brexit, many of the rules most relevant to British expats in Malta have changed substantially, so it is necessary to take the time to consider asset structures and investment routes available which may offer lucrative benefits in tax efficiency and returns.

Please access your complimentary Expat Guide to Taxes in Malta for more details about the best ways to approach succession planning, offshore income and worldwide revenue declarations as a UK foreign national living in Malta.

About Chase Buchanan

Chase Buchanan is a highly experienced team of wealth management consultants, regulated and authorised in Europe and delivering a fully independent financial advisory service to expats globally.

With offices in locations including Malta, Cyprus, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Canada and the USA, we support expatriates around the globe looking for specialist advice to ensure they manage their finances in beneficial ways.

Our UK Administration Office is also available to help with any queries you may have and allows us to keep pace with continually changing tax legislation and deliver tailored advice specific to your needs.

Please download The Expat Guide to Taxes in Malta, and get in touch at your convenience for additional guidance.

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