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Discover the Advantages of Irish Pension Transfers

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Retirement income and pensions are often among the most valuable assets we hold, they can dictate our future lifestyle, our  comfort and our enjoyment throughout our retirement years.

Irish residents, with a wide range of pension schemes have access to potentially lucrative pension transfer options, including the Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision (IROPs).

With so much to think about, from the type of pension you hold to your future retirement plans, Chase Buchanan has published our FREE Guide to Irish Pension Transfers to help you understand all the considerations.

Download your Guide today to explore advantages such as:

  • Available taxation efficiencies.
  • Flexibility in your chosen retirement age.
  • Lump-sum tax-free withdrawal regulations.
  • Options to mitigate your domestic tax exposure.
  • Benefits to reducing Capital Acquisitions Tax liabilities.

Whichever type of pension funds you hold, it remains crucial to seek professional financial advice before proceeding with any international Irish pension transfer, the decisions you make can have a profound impact on your retirement income.

Planning for an International Retirement

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Perhaps one of the common misunderstandings with international pension transfers is that they are only available for Irish residents planning to move overseas.

In reality, these substantial advantages are available to any Irish resident, whether planning a retirement abroad or looking for greater pension flexibility.

We explain how the pension transfers work in more detail throughout our complimentary Guide.

Safeguarding your future isn’t solely about maximising your pension income but also about protecting your spouse, partner, or children from the risk of heavy tax exposure.

Our Guide includes information to help you consider the benefits of an Irish pension transfer in terms of:

  • Removing the thresholds applied by the Lifetime Allowance Charge.
  • Reducing liabilities levied on inheritance benefits for your recipients.
  • Avoiding risk exposure around currency exchange rates.
  • Protection from potential governmental pension taxation levies.

Each of these factors are equally important in securing your financial future. Request your copy of the Chase Buchanan Guide to Irish Pension Transfers for all the latest information.

About Chase Buchanan

Chase Buchanan is an experienced wealth management advisory with offices throughout Europe, America and Canada, including in key locations in Belgium, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, and our UK Administration Centre.

We aim to help clients identify the best financial solutions to support their lifestyle aspirations, whether related to relocating abroad, protecting pension income, or making informed investment decisions.

With a world-class team of international consultants, Chase Buchanan provides a truly bespoke service.

We evaluate each client’s assets and portfolio alongside a detailed consultation to identify the most beneficial options for you, including whether we would advise opting for an international pension transfer or selecting an alternative investment route.

Chase Buchanan’s Guide to Irish Pension Transfers is intended to show some of the significant advantages on offer and provide a starting point to help you decide on the most suitable ways for you to prepare for a secure retirement.

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