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Irish Standard Fund Threshold Pension Taxation Guide

The Standard Fund Threshold is a cap (SFT cap) above which all pension funds held in Ireland are exposed to additional taxation. Discover the effects of this tax on your pension wealth via our comprehensive Ireland retirement advice guide, and get in touch to arrange a chat with SFT specialist Malcolm McDowell.
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Standard Fund Threshold Taxation on Irish Pensions – Free Guide

Access Your Free Copy of Our Guide to Taxation on Pension Funds Above the SFT!

Our in-depth look at the implications of SFT taxation on Irish-based pension products covers:

  • The limitations imposed by the SFT on Irish pension fund savings.
  • Chargeable Excess Tax calculations and effective tax rates.
  • Additional taxation levied against Irish non-residents.
  • Crystallisation events that prompt a CET tax charge.
  • Potential future changes to Irish pension tax regulations.
  • Options to mitigate or remove exposure to additional pension tax burdens.
  • Complexities of calculating your future retirement pension fund value.
  • The importance of suitably regulated pension advice.

Download your complimentary SFT guide today to explore how the threshold will likely affect your retirement advice plans and tax on retirement income treatment of pension savings that exceed the threshold.

Taking Action to Manage Your Tax Exposure on Irish Pension Products

While the SFT is not a new aspect of Irish tax law, there are various elements of this tax charge and possible solutions to remedy your exposure that many pension holders with Irish products within their retirement portfolios are unaware of.

The linked guide explains in straightforward terms how the SFT applies, the calculation basis of the CET, and other restrictions that may influence both your tax planning decisions and the overall value of pension funds that remain within the Irish tax environment.

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Implications of the Irish Standard Fund Threshold and Chargeable Excess Tax

  • Effective tax rates as high as 70% and above on pension savings held within Ireland valued at €2 million and above.
  • Restricted access to tax-free lump sum withdrawals, limited to 25% or €200,000 – whichever is higher.
  • Potential further tax liabilities for non-resident Irish expatriates accessing a pension fund from overseas.
  • Exposure to future possible changes and tax reforms affecting pension products located within Ireland.

Request your SFT guide now for additional insights and guidance.

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