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Expat – Residency Guides

In a changing global landscape, it is crucial to understand the regulations in place, and how they might impact your plans.

Since the Brexit Transition Period ended on 31st December 2020, UK nationals living in Europe have been faced with multiple decisions, relating to circumstances such as:

  • Selecting a permanent residency location.
  • Transitioning assets and wealth.
  • Reinvesting in tax-efficient ways.

As a wealth management advisory firm with offices around the globe, including the significant EU expat destinations, Chase Buchanan has created a suite of Residency Guides. These will steer you through the primary considerations, to help you understand what factors are essential in planning for life abroad.

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Here we introduce our complimentary guides and outline why it has never been so important to invest time in planning for the future.

To download your FREE copy today, please select the appropriate location from our collection of guides on The Impact of Brexit on Expats:

Residency Advice for British Nationals Living in Europe

Life overseas offers a world of opportunity to experience different cultures and quality of life, whether as a family relocation, retirement aspiration or for work.

In any of these scenarios, it is vital to consider your residency status, and what visa routes are available to support your longer-term goals.

For every expat, those requirements may be different, and depend on choices including:

  • Whether your relocation is short-term, long-term, or permanent.
  • If you are moving from the UK with your family or other dependents.
  • Where your financial assets are located.
  • How flexible your investments are and whether they are positioned for international control.
  • Your attitude to risk exposure and how that is likely to evolve.
  • What goals and plans you have, and strategising to ensure your finances support your required budgets.
  • Whether you wish to purchase a property, rent, or invest in the market.

Each EU member state has its own legislation regarding UK nationals wishing to settle in a host country. Thus, our free Residency Guides explain how the rules work and what timescales apply to each respective nation.

Living as a UK Expat in France

As our closest neighbour, France has long been a draw for British retirees and investors, as well as an attractive proposition for an alternative way of family life.

UK expats currently living in France, or considering a move, must be aware of the French legislation relating to assets such as pensions, as well as knowing how to register for essential services including healthcare.

Our France Residency Guide – The Impact of Brexit on Expats explores what those rules mean, and how to plan for a successful relocation:

  • Receiving a UK State Pension as a UK expat in France.
  • How to register for the French healthcare system as a non-EU citizen.
  • Long-stay visas and permanent residency or citizenship.

Download your Guide today to learn more about how to relocate to France as a resident, and secure your future in your new host country.

For bespoke advice about financial planning related to your international move, please contact the Chase Buchanan team.

Residency Guide - France

British Nationals Resident in Portugal

Portugal is home to around 60,000 British nationals, offering a different pace of life, and a climate that appeals to expats seeking a relaxed lifestyle.

Deciding to relocate to Portugal permanently, or cementing your status as a resident, is a life-changing choice. There are many things to consider, from moving your banking provider, securing the correct visa, and ensuring your pension is correctly structured.

The Chase Buchanan Portugal Residency Guide – The Impact of Brexit on Expats looks at how UK nationals can apply for a long-term Portuguese visa, and what conditions apply.

  • How UK pension schemes work for British nationals in Portugal.
  • Visa routes, conditions, and deadlines for applications.
  • Healthcare in Portugal for foreign nationals, and how to join.

Receive your complimentary Guide through an efficient download, and learn more about the options available to you.

If you need more information about restructuring your assets to support your new life in Portugal, get in touch with the Chase Buchanan team in Loulé.

Residency Guide - Portugal

Cypriot Residency for UK Nationals

A jewel of the Mediterranean, Cyprus is an attractive destination for UK nationals. The thriving expat community and affordable living continue to be a draw long after Brexit.

Whether moving to Cyprus to take up a business opportunity or seeking a cultural experience for your children, there is a great deal of planning required to secure a comfortable future in a European country.

Your copy of our Cyprus Residency Guide – The Impact of Brexit on Expats is a straightforward examination of the visa process and the significant factors in planning your move.

  • Travelling to Cyprus for a holiday, or as a permanent move.
  • Long-term visa options and acquiring residency status.
  • Claiming a UK state pension as an expat in Cyprus.

The Chase Buchanan Guide seeks to simplify the process, explaining the crucial considerations in deciding which options are best suited to your requirements.

Contact our local team, based in Limassol, for independent advice about planning for your permanent move to the sunny shores of Cyprus.

Residency Guide - Cyprus

British Citizens Living in Spain

As the number one destination of choice for British citizens for many years, there are multiple reasons why the golden beaches, rolling countryside and charming cities of Spain retain their appeal.

UK expats in Spain often move to the Mediterranean as a retirement haven, or to relocate to one of the major metropolitan areas as a work option with a very different quality of life.

Chase Buchanan’s Spanish Residency Guide – The Impact of Brexit on Expats collates the vital information you need to know before beginning your journey.

  • How long-term Spanish visas work for non-EU citizens.
  • Whether you can receive a UK pension in Spain.
  • Applying for state healthcare as a British citizen in Europe.

These questions are answered comprehensively in our Guide, with coverage of the main factors that are essential for every British expat to understand.

Our Spanish team is located in Marbella, with consultants available to provide bespoke guidance about all of these factors, and more, to assist with budgeting for a successful relocation from Britain.

Residency Guide - Spain

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