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Our corporate services focus on financial planning that assists your company’s overall wellbeing; from tax planning to business protection and pension planning, we work in conjunction with your lawyers, accountants and banks to make the most of your business assets.

Streamlined Corporate Financial Support

Business Financial Advice Services

Whether a successful enterprise or a new start-up, every business requires diligent financial planning to ensure the future is profitable, with sufficient preparation and control to respond quickly to crucial changes.

One of the key benefits of working with a professional corporate finance adviser is that we provide efficient, insightful guidance to help you make quick decisions.

We appreciate that your time is limited, so offer comprehensive advice to allow you to concentrate on running your organisation.

Here at Chase Buchanan, we work with our corporate clients over the long-term to get to know your organisation, what you value most, and identify ways to ensure you have diligent oversight of every aspect of business finance:

  • Corporation tax planning
  • Property management
  • Workplace pensions
  • Employee incentives
  • Investment opportunities

The highly experienced Chase Buchanan advisers help our corporate clients manage their financial products, assess tax efficiency, protect against unexpected losses, and ensure all parts of your financial strategy comply with policy changes and legal obligations.

As an extension to your in-house finance and management teams, our consultants offer innovative services, aiming for practical and cost-effective solutions.


The first step in establishing a watertight financial strategy for business is to assess the company’s direction and where you’d like to lead it in the years ahead.

Financial planning is therefore crucial to business growth. It must be tailored to your unique culture and sector to ensure profits are extracted tax-efficiently and directors have protection from unexpected trading events.

Other facets of corporate services include:

  • Insurance and protection – there are numerous business risks, but the loss of crucial employees can be catastrophic. Our corporate team will advise on insurance products to provide financial assistance in any such scenario.
  • Employee benefits – workforces are of incalculable value to business owners, and keeping those team members engaged is vital. There are numerous employee benefit options, such as workplace pensions, employee insurance and healthcare, all requiring administration.
  • Corporate pensions – employers need to help employees plan for retirement, with a vast number of potential solutions. Chase Buchanan advisers are on hand to explain the range of appropriate corporate pensions and the benefits available.

We are a full-service wealth management firm with expertise in corporate financial planning.

Please get in touch if you need one-off guidance or regular support streamlining your corporate finance.

Achieve Long-Term Business Financial Security With Bespoke Advice

Corporate finances can vary considerably. Choosing an accomplished team of financial advisers with a long history of proven progress is an efficient way to expand your team, with access to expert insights into how to craft your financial plan.

Some of the essential elements the Chase Buchanan team regularly works on include owner protections.

Our focus is on delivering excellent outcomes in minimal time frames but with a long-term objective view over areas of business risk.

Examples include areas such as:

  • Business protections, ensuring that you have safeguards in place against unexpected events. Such insurances provide for business longevity and owner financial security.
  • Pension implementation, a significant time burden for many employers since the introduction of auto-enrolment regulations.
  • Business growth planning, along with your accountant, solicitors and in-house senior management team to help grow your business, stress test expansion strategies, and identify financial products that may be beneficial.
  • Succession planning supports business owners in preparing for the company to continue growing in strength long after moving on or choosing retirement.
  • Business sales, sometimes as an integral part of an exit strategy. Having a skilled financial adviser on hand can remove a great deal of the inevitable stress of preparing a company for sale.

The best business strategies recognise the values most crucial to your organisation and build upon your strengths to meet ongoing performance goals.

Therefore, we always seek to arrange a consultation process before an assessment phase to allow our corporate services advisers’ sufficient insight into the business structure to make independent, beneficial recommendations.

Worldwide Corporate Services Expertise

As an expat specialist, Chase Buchanan assists businesses, directors, managers, and owners across the globe. Our perfectly positioned network provides access to tax and business professionals internationally.

Please contact your nearest location for further information about the services we offer and how Chase Buchanan can help you achieve greater confidence in financial decision making, enabling you to reach your aspirations for your business and family.

Our qualified corporate investment team works closely with your in-house finance professionals and other representatives to create a cohesive, beneficial, and risk-averse financial strategy targeting business growth and stability.

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