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Navigating Taxes for British Nationals in Europe – UK Expat Tax Guides

Tax is a fundamental part of everyday life, and never so crucial as when planning a relocation overseas.

Since January 2021, UK expats have needed to navigate a new set of tax regimes, following the departure of Britain from the EU.

What once were universal standards with exemptions and standardised rates now depend on the respective tax administrations of each member state.

While Europe remains an attractive draw for UK citizens, having a comprehensive grasp of the relevant taxes, and structuring your income, assets and wealth accordingly, is vital to a comfortable life abroad.

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As experts in the world of diligent wealth management, Chase Buchanan has collated a set of detailed tax guides across many of the most significant expat destinations in the EU. These guides aim to allow you to gain clear oversight about which taxes are likely to impact your assets, and how to plan accordingly for your European relocation.

Download your comprehensive guide today, selected from the following locations:

Post-Brexit Tax Planning for UK Expats in the EU

Following the end of the transition period, there are substantial changes in tax regimes applicable to British nationals, throughout the European member countries.

These changes impact every aspect of your income and finances, including:

While previous rates were variable between countries, many taxes have been consistent for several years. Thus, the concept of a dramatic change can be concerning, both for expats currently resident overseas, and for UK nationals considering a new home in the EU.

Chase Buchanan believes that the key to a successful relocation is in the planning, and restructuring assets accordingly in advance to ensure you take advantage of the most tax-efficient options available to you.

As many British expats select Europe as a warm destination for retirement, with competitive property markets, high quality of living and some of the best climates in the world, our guide will help you understand all the key considerations.

French Taxation Regimes for UK Expats

British nationals living in France have many factors to bear in mind, from the rules around selling, renting and purchasing property, through to declaring income correctly to comply with French tax legislation.

Our complimentary download, The Expat Guide to Taxes in France, explores all of these regulations, to allow you an oversight of the most crucial liabilities you are likely to face as an expat.

Inheritance planning is another important factor, and so we explain how French succession laws work, and how to structure your Will accordingly to provide for your family well into the future.

Download your FREE Guide today for further information about:

  • Wealth taxes in France, and whom they apply to.
  • Tax-efficient investment options for British nationals in Europe.
  • Property income declarations and applicable tax rates.

If you would benefit from bespoke advice around tax planning and structuring your assets as a French expat resident, or prior to relocation, please contact Chase Buchanan.

Expat Guide to Taxes in France

Taxes for British Expats Living in Portugal

Portuguese taxes are subject to different rates and applications, depending on your residency status, how long you have lived in the country, and where your income originates.

While these tax rules may be advantageous in some aspects, they may not be in others, and so it is essential to have an understanding of which tax regimes will differ from those in the UK, and on what basis they are levied.

The Chase Buchanan Guide works through all of the key considerations, to assist you in planning for your retirement or relocation to Portugal armed with essential knowledge about the local taxation systems.

  • Understanding Black Money and its impact on property transactions.
  • Selling and owning UK and Portuguese residences as an expat.
  • Planning for inheritance tax for your beneficiaries.

The Expat Guide to Taxes in Portugal explains each of these factors in detail. For independent guidance and investment advice, the Chase Buchanan Portuguese team in Loulé is primed to help.

Expat Guide to Taxes in Portugal

Understanding Cypriot Taxes as a UK National

Choosing the right relocation destination for you and your family depends on many determinations; from healthcare to education, business opportunities to the weather.

Taxes remain one of the most crucial factors and can make a significant difference to your quality of life and experience living as a UK national in a Mediterranean country.

Some of the most common queries from British expats are around tax-efficiencies, whether UK pension schemes are impacted by relocation overseas, and how to protect your assets from local tax regimes.

Your copy of The Expat Guide to Taxes in Cyprus is provided free of charge, with our compliments, to discover:

  • How offshore bank interest is taxed in Cyprus for foreign citizens.
  • Options for structuring your Will to comply with Cypriot inheritance planning rules.
  • Applying for double tax treaties as a British expat living abroad.

Should you have further questions having downloaded your complimentary Guide, or need bespoke assistance, please contact the Chase Buchanan office in Limassol.

Expat Guide to Taxes in Cyprus

Spanish Taxes for British Expat Residents

Taxation regimes in Spain can feel complex for UK nationals, with combinations of federal and regional levies dictating how your income is taxed, what rates are applicable, and how your tax status impacts your cost of living on a day-to-day basis.

The Chase Buchanan Guide to Spanish taxes explores all of the most crucial elements of the Spanish taxation system, and how this applies to British expats relocating abroad:

  • Comparable tax rates across the Spanish regions and provinces.
  • How wealth tax is charged on a federal and local basis in Spain.
  • Selling, renting or buying property as a UK expat in the EU.

Download your free copy of The Expat Guide to Taxes in Spain today, for information related to each aspect of Spanish taxation. In many cases, the key to tax-efficiency is in the detail, and so having a comprehensive understanding of the tax rules is the first step to securing your assets.

Contact the Chase Buchanan team in Marbella for tailored guidance with structuring your wealth for a successful relocation to Spain.

Expat Guide to Taxes in Spain

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