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We have offices in Portugal and across Europe, clients globally and a team ready to advise and support your needs wherever you are.

Our Portuguese office is conveniently located in Loulé. Arrange a call back or local meeting to discuss how we can support all your financial needs.

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Portuguese Offices:

Financial advisers with a strong background in expatriate financial advice.

Depending on your requirements we can advise in Portugal on:

The Portuguese team

Chase Buchanan is a wealth management leader, specialising in providing custom advice and unique opportunities for expats throughout Portugal.

As a professional advisory service, our teams provide tailored taxation and investment advice to optimise the portfolio, exposures and efficiencies of every client’s assets.

Drawing upon years of experience from a carefully curated team of top quality advisers, our services cover every aspect of wealth management. We combine our local knowledge of regulations, global investment networks and a personal understanding of your circumstances to provide outstanding advice in line with your goals and aspirations.

Private Wealth Managers - Portugal

Why choose Chase Buchanan for your Portugal expat financial advice?

One size does not fit all, and every expat in Portugal has a unique set of circumstances and requirements. A focus on understanding you, and what you need from your asset portfolio, is our key to delivering strategic, relevant advice.

Every team adviser holds outstanding professional accreditations and is regulated to the highest standards. Our advice holds weight and is tailored to you with an objective review of the best options to secure your financial position.

Supported by our in-house tax advisory specialists, we work with every client to optimise your taxation efficiencies, help you choose the best products, and select the most secure investment propositions for you.

Wealth management requires a suite of advice, targeted to each aspect of your finances. Our team are proud to come together to provide comprehensive services, drawing on expertise from every area of investment, financial and taxation knowledge.

Being a privately owned firm allows us the scope to recommend products, and provide advice from a wide range of investment opportunities. We are committed to only every recommending actions that are based on your unique circumstances and that are in your best interest.

We are proud to work with clients throughout the stages of their investment strategy, providing honest, open advice. Every fee is disclosed for approval before work taking place, and an annual report is a transparent way of ensuring you stay firmly in control of your finances.

Our local team based in Loulé are on hand to answer any questions you may have about any aspect of our services. Call us today, and let’s grow together.

We have offices in Portugal and around Europe, clients globally and a team that can support your needs wherever you are.

Portugal Office

Urbanização Boa Entrada
Lote 73
8100-724 Loule

T: +351 308 802 691


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