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France – Expat Financial Advice

Tailored Financial Advice for Expatriates in France

Advanced and bespoke financial and wealth management support from a local specialist team of finance professionals and tax experts based in Bordeaux, France.

Our French team is a multi-skilled group of accomplished financial advisers, with direct consultations or remote calls available at your convenience through our new Bordeaux office.

Meet the Team

France Offices:

Financial advisers located in France with a strong background in expatriate financial advice.

Who We Are

Chase Buchanan Wealth Management is a fully regulated financial advisory service focusing on high-quality, customised financial support and guidance for global expats. Our emphasis is on long-term assistance, helping clients make astute and informed decisions, maintain firm oversight of their financial position, and ensure they optimise tax efficiencies around their assets, wealth, investments and pensions.

With decades of experience working with clients ranging from prospective expats planning an international relocation to corporate entities, families, professionals and those already resident in another country, we can help with every element of managing, assessing and transitioning your finances between any other jurisdiction, in full compliance with the French tax regime.

A consultation is a confidential, informative discussion where we get to grips with your broader financial status and aspirations and can often make initial recommendations for the types of financial planning services that are likely to make the biggest impact on your financial security, stability and future wealth.

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Professional French Expat Financial Advisory Services

Our full-scope team can assist with a comprehensive array of requirements and needs, with services including, but not limited to:

  • Retirement planning and pension restructuring
  • Estate and succession planning
  • Education fees planning
  • Decision-making around international pension transfers
  • Tax planning and investment portfolio management
  • Private client investment strategies
  • Tax exposure and efficiency assessments
  • Mortgages for overseas expatriates
  • Corporate services
  • Protections for health, income and illness

Please book a call or initial consultation at any time or access our online resources and digital guides to discover more information about these or any other relevant services.

Private Wealth Managers - France

Jean pierre çarçabal

Jean Pierre Çarçabal

Private Wealth Manager

Malcolm mcdowell pension lifetime allowance specialist

Malcolm McDowell

Private Wealth Manager

Upcoming Expat Events

Chase buchanan tax, pensions & other financial essentials of your move to france youtube image

Join Chase Buchanan Private Wealth Manager Jean Pierre Çarçabal, as he and Your Overseas Home discuss and provide clear, unbiased, and jargon-free financial advice on property buying in France, what taxes you may have to pay, how to access your pension and other financial considerations.


Outstanding Wealth Management for International Expats Living in France

From our Bordeaux office, we combine local knowledge and far-reaching expertise from our global network of tax advisors, legal specialists and wealth managers, providing you with jargon-free, accessible and transparent advice while drawing on a precise understanding of current and potential changes to tax regimes that may affect your decision-making.

Every client, family and individual are different, and we believe that the right approach is always tailored to your circumstances and expectations, whether your priorities are protection from exposure to UK taxation, managing your estate to preserve wealth for the next generation, or growing your pension assets to provide for a long and comfortable retirement.

Chase Buchanan’s in-house tax advisers can create dynamic, proactive and customised strategies to ensure each element of your finances and assets are factored into your plans, including an assessment of tax obligations specific to French tax residents such as wealth taxes, capital gains taxes and additional taxation levied on higher incomes.

Please book your initial consultation or view our latest digital financial guides for France residency and Taxation to understand more.

Working With Chase Buchanan Wealth Management in Bordeaux

Our division in Bordeaux, headed by a local team and enhanced by our established position as a specialist in global taxation and wealth management advice, provides a full scope of expertise and support, from advising on the pros and cons of pension transfer options to assisting with every step of your transition, and life overseas as an expat in France.

France remains one of the most in-demand locations for foreign nationals, particularly British citizens, with high living standards, exceptional education opportunities, an interesting culture, and no limit of fascinating and beautiful cities, rural areas and coastal regions that fulfil many expats’ aspirations for life abroad.

We base every client relationship on personal connections, getting to know how we can add value, improve your experience, or offer suggestions that could make a favourable impact on your portfolio value, pension security or long-term tax exposure.

Working with a capable, experienced and regulated financial advisory team assures you that all the decisions you make today about your finances, wealth and assets will remain relevant in the future, with the agility to adapt your portfolio or pension planning accordingly to keep pace with frequently updated tax reforms in both the UK and France.

To learn more about Chase Buchanan, our team in Bordeaux, or how we can provide assistance and support, please get in touch or book a consultation at your convenience.

Why Expat Wealth Management is Essential for French Expatriate Residents

The proximity of France to the UK often means expats misinterpret the complexity and contrasts between the two tax regimes. There are, however, many opportunities to reduce your tax exposure with full compliance between each respective jurisdiction. Specialist tax planning assistance can also dramatically reduce your obligations.

Tax residency in France may depend on a thorough evaluation of your circumstances, such as where your primary residence is located, the origin of your income through employment, business ownership or investment, and the proportion of the year you anticipate spending in France.

French residents, for tax purposes, can pay income taxes of up to 45%, plus additional higher income tax rates, social charges of up to 17.2%, and annual wealth taxes depending on their overall finances and the value of real estate assets.

Succession planning is also somewhat different from in the UK, with forced heirship laws that may dictate the relatives who are entitled to receive a proportion of your estate, and tax rates of up to 60% on some inheritances made to family members who fall into ‘non-relative’ categories within French inheritance tax legislation.

Understanding these statutes, how they apply to your estate, and deciding the best options to mitigate restrictions on estate planning or avoid heavy future tax penalties levied against your beneficiaries is important, with professional financial advisers able to explain all the possible opportunities.

France Office

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