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Why Retirement Planning Matters – And How to Begin Protecting your Future

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Retirement is a time of life that many British expats look forward to; with aspirations of relaxation, an outstanding quality of life, and a secure asset base to provide the quality of living you expect.

The key to reaching that aspiration is in the planning.

The Chase Buchanan Retirement Planning Guide is a complimentary resource, that will help you understand the importance of retirement planning – and why the time to start is now.

One of the most essential elements is knowing in advance what your aspirations are and what you have  planned in terms of your desired lifestyle and  location. Everybody is unique, and your retirement plans will depend on multiple factors:

  • When you plan to retire, and where you intend to live.
  • What expenditure you need to budget for during your retirement.
  • Any other costs or outgoings you anticipate needing to provide for in that time.
  • What you wish to do during your retirement, and planning for those costs.
  • Whether you need a safety net or safeguard in place to protect against unforeseen circumstances.
  • How your retirement plans link in with your succession planning strategy.
  • Whether you own or wish to buy, property, and in which country.

These questions are just a few of the many considerations required to form a comprehensive retirement plan. With that in mind, seek professional, experienced retirement planning advice to steer you through the process.

As a UK national overseas, advance planning becomes even more important. There are many different tax efficiencies to consider, pension taxes to budget for, and investment rules that will impact the best retirement plan for you.

Download our FREE Retirement Planning Guide today for more information about how to budget effectively, and which questions you should consider when planning for your dream retirement.

Retirement planning

Budgeting for Retirement in Style

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Of course, retirement planning isn’t just about selecting investment products or pension funds that will sustain the activities you hope to be enjoying.

It is a complex area of financial advice where we will look at the pension products you own, and how your country of residence might treat that income from a taxation perspective.

Planning should always start as early as possible – even if you are many years away from your planned retirement date. The longer investments have to mature and accumulate growth, the stronger your retirement fund portfolio, and the more flexibility you have.

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Chase Buchanan offers comprehensive retirement planning services, including a retirement review where we work with you to gain a thorough understanding of what products you currently own, where we can make them work harder for you, and what retirement strategy is required to align optimally with your plans.

Our team created the Retirement Planning Guide to help highlight some of the key considerations – such as what type of pension products you hold, and how the income from those funds is likely to dictate your retirement circumstances.

About Chase Buchanan

By acting now, you have the opportunity to sculpt your retirement strategy in the most advantageous way. And, as a UK national living overseas, the advent of Britain’s departure from the EU might mean that time is of the essence.

The Chase Buchanan wealth management teams are based in offices throughout Europe, as well as in the US, Isle of Man, Canada, and our UK Administration Centre.

We deliver structured, transparent advice about how your retirement plans are best catered for, with clear oversight of tax legislation and cross-border pension fund rules that will impact the ideal way to plan for your retirement.

Download your complimentary Guide today, and contact the Chase Buchanan expert teams to start work on planning for your ideal retirement, with the support of an adviser with years of experience in navigating the retirement financial planning framework.


Retirement Planning

If you’re thinking about your retirement plan, it’s likely that you are considering whether a pension is the right thing to invest in. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about pensions. Download our definitive guide to retirement planning which will give you the background into pensions and different types of pension schemes.

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