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We can’t stress enough how important it is to plan ahead for your retirement. Retirement Planning is a critical part of your future and financial security, with the average person requiring upwards of 25 years of savings, it’s never too early, or late for that matter to start.

Talk to us and find out the differences in types of Pension or the different approaches to retirement planning and saving, about compounding interest and how that can help enhance what’s left in the pot. Whatever your plans for retirement we would be happy to chat through what you are doing and what you could be doing to meet your ambitions for later life.

Take a look at our latest retirement guide for more information.

Why Professional Advice is Beneficial for Retirement Planning

When we think about retirement planning, it’s common to believe that means solely focusing on your pension products.

In reality, a skilled financial adviser will look at a comprehensive overview of all assets, investments and financial arrangements in conjunction with a consultation to examine your retirement plans and aspirations.

Pension products alone are one puzzle piece of a much larger picture. A robust retirement plan will include a strategic review to make crucial decisions about the broader wealth management plan.

This brief overview illustrates the complexity of retirement planning and why an expert adviser is crucial to ensure your strategy is crafted around your individual needs and expectations from your retirement.


Examples of the components of a Chase Buchanan retirement strategy include:

  • Cash flow modelling, to examine current wealth, income, expenditure, savings, investment products and pensions to evaluate alternative scenarios to assess how well they might fund your retirement.
  • A pension review appraising your existing pension products and looking to see how well they are managed and whether an overseas transfer or alternative investment structure might work to your advantage.
  • Considering future income options, specifically identifying pension regulations and tax regimes in your country of residence to ensure you’re making informed choices that impact your future prosperity.
  • Evaluating the effect of retirement funds outside of a pension scheme, with opportunities to generate alternative income to maximise your flexibility and tax efficiency.
  • Tax allowance planning to ensure all available reliefs are being adequately utilised.
  • Wealth succession planning, consulting on your inheritance wishes and plans to ensure your estate passes to your intended recipients with a minimised tax burden.

Vital Elements to a Retirement Planning Consultation

Assumptions are never advantageous when looking at your retirement – a time when you should be able to accomplish all the things you wish and enjoy a comfortable financial future fully providing for all of your needs.

Many clients have ongoing concerns, such as:

  • Will I be able to retire at my intended age?
  • How much will I have to live on in retirement?
  • Is there a risk my pension income will run out?

The best way to alleviate worries around retirement is to work with an experienced adviser who will structure a retirement plan to maximise your income and safeguard your assets.

Let’s examine some of the fundamental factors that contribute to a broader retirement plan.

Evaluating Pension Fund Returns

Many people have multiple pension schemes, with funds arising from private contributions, the State Pension and employment enrolment products.

One of the first steps in retirement planning is to assess the products you own, the value of each fund, anticipated income available, and how those funds are performing.

There are many options to retirement planning overseas, so you might wish to consider an overseas pension transfer – or your funds might carry exceptional benefits that mean an exchange rate risk is worth accepting.

Another scenario arises when you identify that a fund isn’t yet sufficient or isn’t of a high enough value to account for contingencies. A deferral or delay might be an advantageous option.

In other cases, we might recommend diversifying pension investments to improve the expected returns or avoiding further contributions if these are likely to trigger a substantial tax liability.

Maximising Retirement Savings

The next step is to analyse other savings products and assets – that might include properties and ISAs.

If you are approaching retirement and have little liquidity but high-value assets, it’s crucial to determine whether it would be advantageous to cash in on those assets to leverage the capital you hold.

Fundamentally, every decision made must be as tax efficient as possible to maximise your income streams and avoid deteriorating the overall value of your retirement funds.

The Benefits of Bespoke Retirement Planning Advice

The benefits of expert advice are compelling for retirement planning, often generating tangible improvements in financial income or liquidity that far exceed the cost of support:

  • Making confident, informed investment decisions.
  • Avoiding paying unnecessary taxes.
  • Leveraging all available tax benefits and allowances.
  • Finding smart ways to access pension funds.
  • Planning for your long-term inheritance strategy.

With offices in key locations throughout Europe, the US, Canada and our UK Administration Centre, Chase Buchanan is poised to deliver customised guidance to help every expat client achieve the retirement they have dreamed of.

To learn more about the value of retirement planning and how it can help you plan for financial security, please download our complimentary Guide to Retirement Planning.

Alternatively, contact your nearest Chase Buchanan office to schedule a convenient time to discuss our retirement planning services with one of our skilled expat retirement consultants.

Retirement planning
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If you’re thinking about your retirement plan, it’s likely that you are considering whether a pension is the right thing to invest in. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about pensions. Download our definitive guide to retirement planning which will give you the background into pensions and different types of pension schemes.

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