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Life After Brexit – Guide for Expats in Portugal

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While we are all now familiar with Brexit, and although the UK has left the EU, the full impact of this change will not be felt until the Transition Period ends on 31st December 2020.

2020/2021 continue to be years full of uncertainty and many expats feel in a precarious position, with final decisions and agreements still to be announced.

Portuguese expats must act now, to safeguard their residency statuses, plan for the future, and understand exactly what Brexit will mean for them.

Chase Buchanan has put together our FREE Portugal Residency Guide – The Impact of Brexit on Expats, to provide you with accurate information and peace of mind about what actions you can take today.

Don’t leave Brexit to chance, and take control of your future finances, with our exclusive Guide. Download your copy for free today.

Expats in Portugal Post-Brexit

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Retiring or living abroad is a lucrative lifestyle change, offering a significant difference in pace of life, relaxation, and of course access to a mild climate.

With millions of UK nationals choosing to live overseas, Chase Buchanan is on hand to assist with:

  • Understanding your tax obligations.
  • Structuring your overseas banking and finances.
  • Planning for expenses and changes in lifestyle.
  • Securing the right residency status and understanding the impact.
  • Managing your pensions and retirement.
  • Advising on strategies for a secure future.
  • Making informed decisions about your investments.
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The Importance of Finance for Expats in Portugal

With all the appeal of residing in Portugal comes the need to be aware of how tax legislation, regulations for expats and financial implications will have an impact on your assets.

Chase Buchanan’s Portugal Residency Guide – The Impact of Brexit on Expats collates the essential information, and updates from the UK government to provide all the details you need to start planning now for life after Brexit.

The stress of uncertainty can be draining, so understanding how freedom of movement will change, what you can do immediately to safeguard your status, and how the future EU landscape might look is the best way to secure peace of mind. Our team is on hand to provide any additional support you might need.

About Chase Buchanan

Chase Buchanan is a market-leading wealth management expert, supporting global clients from our offices in Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Belgium, the USA, the Isle of Man and our Administration Centre in the UK.

We have years of experience working with expats in Portugal, and our local offices position us ideally to offer current, accurate and reliable finance recommendations.

From investment strategies to retirement plans, and pension transfers to budgeting, Chase Buchanan consultants are on hand to ensure your Portuguese lifestyle offers everything you hope – both before, and after, Brexit.

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