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Life and Critical Illness Insurance

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While you accumulate your wealth, it’s essential to ensure you properly protect your financial position.

Your health and life are vital to your earnings potential and the future of your family, without properly protecting your finances, you may be putting them at risk.

This is one area of financial planning people often ignore and it’s crucial; you need to know what happens if you are sick, injured or worse – are you leaving your family in a secure financial situation? Most overseas contracts don’t have the same level of benefits as those in the UK so make sure your family are always protected, no one thinks it will happen to them but of course it can, and if it does you don’t want the extra worry just peace of mind.

Download our Health, Income and Life Protection guide and find out more.

Health and Life Insurance as an Integral Part of Financial Planning

Insurance is an everyday part of owning a home, driving a car, or operating a business – but it’s often something we overlook or consider an unnecessary expense when it comes to the most indispensable assets we possess!

From critical illness cover to life protection, health insurance may be one of the most valuable coverages available.

The impact of an illness or accident can have severe effects on whole family’s financial security, particularly for expats living overseas who may have no assistance covering extensive medical costs or ongoing treatment expenses.

An experienced financial adviser goes beyond recommending insurance products. Chase Buchanan aims to evaluate your key risks, most essential assets and establish the correct types of protection that will prove most beneficial to you, and your family, for the long term.

With such a broad range of products, it is vital that your cover defends against all the most pertinent risks and ultimately will provide the support you require in a time of need, in line with regulations and insurance policies.

For many people, the time required to analyse and compare insurance costs carefully, including an appraisal of risk protection and excesses (or co-pays), simply isn’t available.

Chase Buchanan’s teams of international expat consultants deliver a comprehensive risk assessment process, with full access to competing products to allow you to make sound, informed judgments about how best to protect your financial wellbeing.

Protecting Your Wealth for a Lifetime and Beyond

You can buy insurance online, over the phone, or through a price comparison website – so let’s explain the inherent benefits of seeking financial assistance in making these significant decisions.

Tailored Life, Income and Health Protection Guidance

Many online tools provide a helpful resource, but they cannot replicate the personal nature of life insurance or protecting your assets for the next generation.

Financial advisers offer bespoke advice, taking your exact needs into account to produce customised recommendations about which solutions provide the most significant benefits.

Identifying Cost-Efficient Comprehensive Insurance

Life insurance and other forms of income protection can be extremely costly, but personal guidance will identify which costs are necessary and which aren’t necessarily beneficial in your circumstances.

There are multiple scenarios where insurance products for expats become exorbitantly expensive, such as:

  • Existing long-term health conditions.
  • Participating in high-risk sports or hobbies.
  • A professional in a career perceived as higher risk.
  • Living in a volatile part of the world.
  • Previous injuries or illnesses.

Life and income insurance can be of profound benefit when your family encounters a health issue, so finding cost-effective protection with comprehensive coverage can make an otherwise challenging situation substantially more manageable.

Life, Health and Income Protection Expertise

Of the millions of products on the market, only a small number offer the exceptional cover that a financial professional would recommend.

Seeking out tailored guidance means Chase Buchanan can suggest a coverage solution not available on the open market and with a complete understanding of the fine print.

Guidance on Health, Life, and Income Insurance

Risk protection cover is essential for many reasons and will defend your assets and ensure that they are safeguarded for future generations, whatever occurs.

The best way to ensure your coverage is sufficient and avoid over or under-insuring yourself is to work with an established expat specialist, delivering personal advice with a background of years of expertise.

Some existing policies may transcend borders and remain valid if you relocate during the term, provided the premiums are kept up to date. However, there are vast variances in the health coverage supplied depending on your country of residence.

Medical insurance is often compulsory for foreign national residents. Still, that cover needs to be robust, especially in regions where private medical costs for serious illnesses or accidents can incur considerable sums.

Much depends on your residency status and whether you wish to insure:

  • A particular asset or portfolio of assets and investments.
  • Your health, life, or that of your entire family.
  • Businesses and other entities or securities.

Age remains a crucial factor, with international life insurance generally restricted to age 69. There are more bespoke products with flexible terms that can cater to expats of all ages, with financial advice required to assess the cost vs risk protection benefits to ensure the premiums are an efficient option.

With our UK Administration Centre and offices across the US, Canada and Europe, Chase Buchanan is pleased to deliver a comprehensive range of expat financial advisory services, including private consultations on every aspect of income protection.

Please download our complimentary Guide to Health, Income and Life Protection to explore more information about this area of financial planning, or contact your nearest office location to arrange a convenient time to discuss with one of our outstanding advisers.

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While you accumulate your wealth, it’s essential to ensure you properly protect it. Your health and life is vital to your earnings potential and the future of your family. This is an area that joins up well with all our services to complete the offering.

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