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UK pension legislation is forever changing, Defined Benefit Schemes, often referred to as Final Salary Schemes, and Defined Contribution schemes, often known as Money Purchase Schemes are the two offerings.

Broadly, Defined Benefits are the Gold Standard because they offer guarantees at retirement, but they have experienced issues in recent years with employers struggling to fund them, Defined Contribution schemes don’t have the same guarantees and rely purely on contributions made, investment returned by the fund and the annuity.

If you are living or moving overseas and have either or both we have pension experts who can advise you on the benefits of transferring your UK Pension to a SIPP or a QROPS giving you the freedom to take your pension where you want and the flexibility to take it how you want.

Contact us and one of our transfer specialists can help you assess whether a transfer would be beneficial in your circumstances.

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UK pension legislation is forever changing, making specialist pension advice from our transfer specialists a beneficial move.

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