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There are various financial benefits that apply to expats and a whole host of offshore wealth management solutions that can help secure your financial well-being. Whether your future financial security was one of the reasons for choosing an expat career, or it’s simply a by-product of your choices you need to ensure it remains a priority by investing correctly.

You can optimise on opportunities and solutions that would otherwise not be available to you and structure your finances to put yourself in the best position from a tax perspective using overseas offshore investment products in order to reduce your liability. The savings that smart wealth management strategies can deliver can add up to tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds, dollars or euros over your lifetime.

Keep things simple and safe and don’t invest in jurisdictions that are politically unstable, if you can’t afford big losses invest in lower risk options, always transfer any money directly to a product provider rather than via an adviser and do your research on adviser regulations in your jurisdiction and don’t take advice from those who aren’t regulated.


Investment type.


One off lump sum investments are an ideal way to invest for your long term financial goals. If you have a sum of money invested elsewhere that you feel isn’t getting the returns it should or could, a lump sum investment could be for you.



Investment type.


An option for clients with £150,000 or more to invest, managed in conjunction with Brewin Dolphin, one of the UK’s leading wealth managers, founded in 1762 and one of the founding companies of the London Stock Exchange.

  • Have the day to day management and implementation taken care of because your time is valuable.
  • Choose a traditional solution or customise your options.
  • Set your own goals and establish your risk tolerance and future needs.
  • Exclude specific asset classes you would prefer not to invest in for political, ethical or religious reasons.
  • Have a direct relationship with your investment manager.


Investment type.


Regular investing is an alternative to investing a lump sum, this enables you to contribute on a regular basis to a long-term financial plan that ensures your financial security. As an expat it’s quite likely that you are not on par with those receiving their national and employer benefits and, in this case, you should consider setting aside a regular, affordable amount into a savings plan.


Financial Investment Advice – Reach Your Wealth Management Goals

Every investor has different priorities for their assets at various stages of life. Chase Buchanan works with expats around the world to structure investment and savings portfolios that:

  • Balance risk and reward according to your aspirations.
  • Out-perform expectations and harness emerging opportunities.
  • Align with investor preferences around markets, sectors or sustainability.
  • Conform to your lifestyle and income requirements at every stage of the journey.

Growing your wealth is an aim for all investors, but assessing returns is just one part of the decision-making process.

For example, our financial advisory team works closely with every client to select products with potentially beneficial gains and provide an appropriate risk exposure level consistent with your plans.

There is never one universal investment strategy that works for every expat. The key to secure investment and savings planning is as much about ongoing oversight, careful management and regular analysis as it is selecting initial products to incorporate into your portfolio.

As a market-leading expat financial planning team, the result of any advice provided is that you are invited to make confident decisions about how you wish to control your assets – with a complete view of associated risks, potential benefits, tax exposure and costs.

Professional Guidance for a Fully Advised Investment Portfolio

For international expats, there are countless ways to add value to your portfolio. Some will provide long-term returns and stability; others might be more volatile but with lucrative rates of return.

Making those decisions is crucial to every aspect of your financial welfare:

  • Providing regular income streams for retirement.
  • Saving a contingency fund for unforeseen events.
  • Estate planning, gifts and succession planning.
  • Protecting against downsides and investment losses.
  • Safeguarding your savings against inflation.
  • Ensuring your income matches your lifestyle expectations.

The correct investment strategy for your portfolio will depend heavily on your circumstances, wishes and plans for the future – all of which are incorporated into a Chase Buchanan consultation to pinpoint your priorities and steer our recommendations.

Managing International Investments for British Expats

Choosing where, when and how to invest isn’t a simple process. A financial adviser is essential to perform risk calculations, return forecasts and suitability assessments to ensure every investment you select is consistent with your aims.

As the world gets smaller and investment opportunities expand, there are many crucial considerations for any UK expat looking to grow their wealth:

  • Tax exposures and double tax treaties depending on your residency or citizenship position.
  • Your retirement plans, providing for dependents and other expenses.
  • Developing actions to respond to changes in your risk appetite.
  • Crystallisation dates and how long you expect your investments or savings to remain in situ before you need to draw on those assets.

Offshore investment can be an attractive proposition, offering asset protection, reduced taxes, greater freedom of choice and improved returns. However, it remains imperative that you account for the requisite income declarations and tax obligations in your host country and potentially back in the UK.

A tailored investment plan is vital, reflecting your financial goals and holistically supporting every other aspect of your financial health.

The key to outstanding portfolio performance goes far beyond this initial strategy. It means robust monitoring processes to identify how your plan and investments perform and making changes as needed to adjust your assets.

Chase Buchanan provides personal, bespoke investment and savings management to produce consistent results, including regular reporting and valuations to help you make sound judgements about your next move.

Building a Better Financial Future With Expert Investment Support

Every individual and family has unique financial needs, and a customised savings and investment plan is the best solution to ensure your accounts and products are tailored to you.

It all starts with a conversation, allowing the Chase Buchanan investment professionals to identify your goals, appraise your current arrangements, and report on gaps between expectations, best performance targets and your existing portfolio.

Expats new to investing or saving also require diligent planning from global investment experts to ensure each product they select adheres to the most advantageous tax planning options, with viable returns and an appropriate risk level.


Chase Buchanan is a leading financial advisory service supporting British expats worldwide, with offices throughout Europe, the USA, Canada, and our UK Administration Centre.

We offer a comprehensive investment and savings management service with regular portfolio analysis to ensure you have the benefit of every available opportunity.

Please download our complimentary Guide to Offshore Investment to learn more, or contact your nearest Chase Buchanan office to organise a convenient time to discuss how we can help.

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There are many financial benefits to being an expat and a whole host of offshore wealth management solutions that can help secure your financial well-being. Our guide below helps explore different options you could take in offshore investment.

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