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The UK Expat’s European Retirement Guide

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With around half a million UK nationals retiring in the EU in the post-Brexit world, understanding the security of future pension income, taxation rates, and possibilities for cross border transfers is a crucial requirement.

Pension income is an essential part of planning for retirement, wherever you plan to relocate in Europe and whether you anticipate retiring in a few years or exploring your relocation opportunities now.

Chase Buchanan has created our FREE Guide to Retiring in the EU for British Expats to explore a wide range of factors to help you make confident, informed decisions about your retirement plans.

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Download your free copy of our Guide today to understand:
  • Access to UK State Pensions for expats in Europe.
  • How different pension scheme types impact your decisions.
  • Advantages to consolidating multiple pensions.
  • The pros and cons of lump-sum pension withdrawals.
  • How pension earnings tax varies across EU countries.
  • Why currency fluctuations are a significant consideration.
  • The Overseas Transfer Charge – and where it applies.
  • How pension wealth is treated for succession planning.
The Chase Buchanan FREE Guide to Retiring in the EU for British Expats has been created by our expert consultants to ensure you have all the vital information required to evaluate your range of retirement planning choices.
Guide to Retiring in the EU For British Expats 2023

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UK Pension Schemes in Europe Explained

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Every EU country has its own rules about pension transfers, taxes charged, and what sorts of revenue are considered taxable as income.
Therefore, it is impossible to decide the most beneficial route to European retirement without evaluating the regulations in your specific destination.
Many expats are keen to enjoy the climate and lifestyle in popular destinations such as Spain, Portugal or Cyprus. Still, they remain concerned about how Brexit may have changed their rights, future income, and, therefore, retirement aspirations.
The good news is that there are multiple opportunities available, from blended strategies to international transfers, lump sum drawdowns through to consolidation – all of which we explore in our Guide.
Our series of complimentary downloadable resources aims to shed light on the intricacies of sound retirement planning and ensure each client has the necessary knowledge about the various influential factors to understand each option’s advantages and potential pitfalls.

About Chase Buchanan

Chase Buchanan is a market-leading wealth management expert, supporting clients from our offices in Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Belgium, the USA, the Isle of Man and our Administration Centre in the UK.

We have years of experience working with expats throughout Europe and our international offices position us ideally to offer current, accurate and reliable financial recommendations.

From investment strategies to retirement plans, and pension transfers to budgeting, Chase Buchanan consultants are on hand to ensure your lifestyle offers everything you hope for.

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