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Guide for Expats in France Post-Brexit

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From January 2021, the UK became an independent nation and is no longer part of the EU. British nationals living in France continue to cope with concerns amid much uncertainty about what the future will hold, with prospective expats unclear about what may have changed.

Chase Buchanan has created a FREE France Residency Guide, to help you put together a checklist of actions to protect your future and your peace of mind.

Knowledge is power, so take the opportunity to download your Guide for free, and let’s recap on how the international expat experience has changed for UK citizens living in France.

From double tax treaties to residency status, tax liabilities, to international obligations, we’ll run through all the crucial information you need to know.

France residency guide 2023

Expats In France Post-Brexit

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Many of us dream of retiring abroad and enjoying a warm and sociable quality of life. Understanding your residency and tax position is crucial to security for those who have already achieved this aspiration and for those expats who already enjoy life in France.

With millions of UK nationals choosing to live overseas, Chase Buchanan is on hand to assist with:

  • Understanding your tax.
  • Structuring your overseas banking and finances.
  • Planning for expenses and changes in lifestyle.
  • Securing the proper residency status and understanding the impact.
  • Managing your pensions and retirement.
  • Advising on strategies for a secure future.
  • Making informed decisions about your investments.
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One of the most important factors to enjoying expat life is controlling your finances, taxes, and residency. Chase Buchanan is on hand to ensure that you have the right strategies in place to protect your income streams for the foreseeable future, with professional support to make sound decisions.

Download your France Residency Guide today for immediate access to all the essential information and guidance about how expat life has changed after Brexit.

While freedoms of movement and expat legislation have altered, understanding the legislation will ensure that you have control of your residency status and financial position.

About Chase Buchanan

Chase Buchanan is a market-leading wealth management expert, supporting global clients from our offices in Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Belgium, the USA, the Isle of Man, and our UK Administration Centre.

We have years of experience working with expats throughout Europe and the wider world, and our international offices position us ideally to offer current, accurate, and reliable finance recommendations.

Our free Guide resources are designed to provide the most up to date information available at the time of publication. Should you require more tailored advice or further detail on any of the information within your Guide, please contact us at your convenience.

From investment strategies to retirement plans and pension transfers to budgeting, Chase Buchanan consultants are on hand to ensure your French lifestyle offers everything you hope – now and into the future.

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