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We’re thrilled to share with you our new website (www.chasebuchanan.com) and you’ll see that, along with our logo and overall branding, it’s undergone a significant transformation. This represents an exciting part of our development as a company and a milestone we’re immensely proud of.

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to set ourselves apart from other wealth management advisors and build a reputation for providing outstanding advice and a stellar service which focuses on your individual needs. We’ve brought together a highly qualified and experienced team and we’ve worked hard at establishing long lasting and meaningful relationships with all our clients.

The reasoning behind the new look

We reached a point when we felt that our previous website and branding had become dated and no longer accurately reflected the dynamic business that we’ve evolved into.

We wanted to create a new look that better encompassed all our existing achievements and the high-quality service that we have always delivered.

However, we also wanted to more accurately reflect the personality of Chase Buchanan, as well as our values of trust, honesty and integrity. And of course, our rebrand had to be relevant to the main services that we offer: QROPS, Pension Transfers and Investment advice.

But please rest assured we’re not changing what we do, or how we do it, other than to continue to improve it and build on what we’ve already achieved. You’ll continue to receive the same exceptional service as before with the same team.

The results

If you’ve ever been involved in a rebranding process, you’ll know a lot of thought goes into it. We’re delighted with the results and with our modern, new look and we hope you like it too. We believe it is now representative of not just our firm’s values and our personality but of the new era of excellence that we’re embarking on.

Please get in touch

If you’d like to know more about us, how we can help you with your pensions and investments (particularly those with an overseas element) and how we work, please contact us.