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To help understand often complex financial products and services for expatriates, we have created a series of detailed tax and residency guides to get you thinking about what you need to know before talking to an adviser.
Our Free Tax Guides for Expats section is designed to provide you with general tax and residency related information for a number of countries, ensuring you navigate the complexities of being an expatriate with confidence.
Our free expatriate guides cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to expatriate tax planning, tax-efficient investment strategies for expats, understanding tax treaties, and the nuances of various tax systems across popular expatriate destinations. Each guide is designed to be accessible, providing you with the basic knowledge and to allow a more informed discussion with your adviser.

Download Guides for UK Expats

View our range of complimentary download guides, created to support your UK expat lifestyle, wherever you live now or plan to in the future.


Retirement Planning

If you're thinking about your retirement plan, it's likely that you are considering whether a pension is the right thing to invest in. There's a lot of conflicting information out there about pensions. Download our definitive guide to retirement planning which will give you the background into pensions and different types of pension schemes.


Offshore Investment

There are many financial benefits to being an expat and a whole host of offshore wealth management solutions that can help secure your financial well-being. Our guide below helps explore different options you could take in offshore investment.



SIPPs are personal pension wrappers that offer investors more freedom of choice than traditional personal pensions. They allow investors to choose their own investments or select an investment manager to look after the portfolio for them. A Recognised Overseas Pension is an international pension plan recognised by the HMRC.


Education Fee Planning

If you are considering different education options for yourself or your children, download our Guide to Private Education Planning to find out how you can manage your finances to ensure you get the education you want.


Health, Income & Life Protection

While you accumulate your wealth, it's essential to ensure you properly protect it. Your health and life is vital to your earnings potential and the future of your family.

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