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Letting our clients speak for us.

We could always tell you how good we are and how we go the extra mile for our clients to help them achieve their hopes and dreams. But it is so much better coming from our clients don’t you think?

We have been using Chase Buchanan for around two years now and have found their services to be excellent especially Lee Eldridge who has kept in contact on a regular basis. His knowledge and advice has been outstanding in managing our funds. We have recommended Chase Buchanan to many of our friends and will continue to do so. We have also just taken on a SIPP for my wife as we have been so pleased with the service and performance so far.

Mr & Mrs Sebborn

We have always saved money and tried to contribute as much as possible into our pensions however with hindsight I realise that my approach to maximizing the return on our investments was very amateurish, it was only after we started to work with Lee as our advisor in April 2016 that I feel for the first time in my career our pensions and savings are working as hard for us as we are working to pay into them. I love the regular reviews we conduct, each time learning more about the investments themselves and feeling able to contribute to the investment decisions we make. It feels like a partnership, I trust Lee’s judgments and believe in his integrity both these qualities are vital when all of our future life savings are in his hands. It’s therefore no surprise when I say I often recommend Lee to friends and family.

J. Demmon

We first made contact with Lee Eldridge and his team 4 years ago with a view to setting up a low risk investment portfolio to provide us with a sound financial basis for the future.

Since that time, Lee has provided excellent financial advise and has been enormously helpful in setting us up with a successful portfolio which completely meets our requirements. He and his team are completely professional, offering regular consultations and guiding us through the complex world of finance in a clear, consistent and straightforward manner. We are delighted with his services, which have set us on the path to a sound financial future. I would not hesitate to recommend Lee and Chase Buchanan to anybody seeking clear, easy to understand financial advice and support.

M Dodds

During my recent evaluation of overseas pension and saving options for my retirement, I came across Mr. Andrew Lumley-Holmes details and contacted him with respect to my future financial requirements and an issue I had with an existing firm.

Once we agreed to work together Andrew Lumley-Holmes has provided professional and accurate information pertaining to overseas pensions and saving plans while also assisting me in resolving my complaint against a previous firm who had provided unsuitable options and products based on my personal circumstances.

From first hand experience I found Andrew to be very knowledgable in the area of financial markets and fully understands the requirements of expatriates seeking international, cross border pensions, savings, and investments coupled with legally sound tax advice.

I am very happy to recommend his services.

Paul M. Henchin

Looking after my future is important and by investing through Chase Buchanan I know my future is in safe hands!

Elliott Ward, Notts County F.C.

I understand why you are seeking first hand experience of Chase Buchanan, it is a huge decision when choosing someone to trust with your financial future.

Lee Eldridge was unknown to me at first and I was very cautious, asking many questions about his background, experience, career success, track record and overall integrity. I wanted proof!

Every query was dealt with in a transparent and direct way and I was very satisfied from day one that I was dealing with an open, honest and genuine individual who was supported by a competent and efficient team. Shortly after engaging with CB, Lee actually visited us at our French home and explained how CB is structured and how it works. This was useful because it enabled me to build trust, which I do not do readily.

Lee was able to procure funds from two employment pension schemes on my behalf and securely set up a personal portfolio managed by CB. I understood at the time that this was a difficult and complicated transaction and was kept up to date and well informed during the entire process. This level of communication is something I really like and I am pleased to say that it has continued.

I appreciate the level of detail in all discussions about each aspect of my portfolio and feel comfortable asking questions about performance and why any changes are being made. I also like the fact that i can go online and look at a realtime snapshot of how my portfolio is performing, if I have any concerns or suggestions, I can contact CB at any time.

Much of these conversations are pro-active and Lee manages the portfolio so that it is “poised for growth” (I am 48 years old and therefore have plenty of time before I will draw from the fund), So “yes” I do feel that they are on top of things, of course certain world events can never be foreseen, but if action is required, I have found it to be swift.

I trust the competence of CB because the performance of my portfolio is in line with the estimated growth i.e. Lee has delivered what he said he would deliver.

Everybody that I have spoken to at CB have always been friendly and really professional .

Kind Regards

R Weatherhead

I had been considering my pension options which I did not fully understand. After meeting and chatting with Lee Eldridge I now have my financial plans in place. I am very happy with the service provided by Chase Buchanan. They keep me regularly informed and would recommend them to others.

J Murphy

Have you ever tried to put together a 1000 piece puzzle without a picture?!
6 months ago an investment advisor suggested that as we were living in the Netherlands, we should look at transferring our UK pensions to a Qrops. Since then we’ve been trying to get our heads around company pensions plans, QROPS, SIPS, double taxation, last salary pension scheme, death benefits, tax free portion, annuity, drawdown, investment platforms, different financial advisors – recommended solutions, qualifications, gross / net / inflation-adjusted returns, stated charges, hidden charges, Dutch tax laws, English tax laws – and then how Brexit might change all of that to boot! Most of the advisors we spoke to didn’t have the full picture or only shared that bit with us which would sway us to their solution – until we would come across a piece of information which would make us think again. It’s been an education and not one we would wish on any novice.

If you find yourself in our position I heartily recommend you speak to Lee Eldridge of Chase Buchanan. His knowledge, his patient, structured, user-friendly, comprehensive explanation of the whole territory in question finally helped put it all into perspective for us. After 2 phone calls we finally felt the load come off our shoulders. We had found someone we could trust our pensions and investments to. Wish we had spoken to him 6 months ago!

C & G Blacklock

I wish to formally record my sincere thanks to you and your colleagues at Chase Buchanan for your assistance over the past 12 months. The professional way in which you have dealt with the issues that were troubling me has been much appreciated. The level of comfort you have engendered has far exceeded my expectations to the extent that I am once again able to relax and enjoy life! I only wish I had found you earlier – thanks once again.

S Robertson

Chase Buchanan, and in particular its principal, Lee Eldridge, has managed our personal investment portfolio for several years now. We are very satisfied with the results and the service. Lee maintains regular contact with us, updating us on the investment environment and the performance of our portfolio, and involving us in strategy setting. The outcome has been growth in the upswings and protection in the downturns due to careful selection of investments and willingness to adjust strategy when conditions change. I strongly recommend Chase Buchanan.

J Walls

The experience with Chase Buchanan has helped me realise a footballers’ career is a short one and getting my finances in shape as quickly as possible is essential.

Tony Craig

Just wanted to let you know that I am incredibly happy with the Portfolio Update you sent me recently. I can honestly say that my portfolio has made more profit in 3 months with you than 5 years with my previous company.

Keep up the good work.

Mr Rigby

I am most impressed with Kasie’s service. I have known her for over 3 years and she has done an outstanding job of keeping me up to date and informed about my investments and making them grow in a market that was volatile. She is professional, open and transparent. She has gone out of her way to recommend the best options for me and going the extra mile when I have wanted to release funds. She is highly competent and knowledgable in her field and I trust her completely.

I want to continue letting her be my wealth manager for years to come as she understands my background and financial goals. She has always given me the best advise and put my interests first. I recommend her highly as she is honest, hard working and definitely optimistic!

Kirmat Noormohamed

Kasie has been giving me financial advice for over three years now. She explains the financial terms to me in a way for me to understand them – unlike some advisers. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and has the patience of a saint, not to mention her impeccable transparency which is hard to find in the financial world nowadays. She is a hard worker and I consider myself very lucky to have her as my financial expert. Kasie gives me peace of mind and I would recommend her without a doubt.

Roselyne Wilson

I am so very fortunate to have Kasie as my financial advisor. She is always there for me, always contactable. I can ask any questions. She has a unique ability to make me feel like I am the only client. She has time for me. She is always going the extra mile. I can’t believe my luck to be able to have her in this vitally important area of life.

In the scary and uncertain world of investing my money I know that Kasie will do her best for me as an individual and not just for corporate gain. I am very grateful to have her, as I relate to her, and she is not intimidating, yet she is extremely competent and reliable and professional. I am excited for the future knowing my hard earned money is in good hands and growing. A genuine, attentive, helpful and supportive advisor who actually cares. Thank you Kasie for your outstanding personal service above and beyond.

With much gratitude for you and many best wishes,

Sarah Elizabeth Hall

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