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Portugal – Investment and Pensions

Tailored, Private Investment & Pension Advice for UK Expats in Portugal

Financial planning is a crucial aspect of relocating to Portugal, whether you are considering an immediate move, looking to take up career or business opportunities or wish to evaluate your assets, investments and pension plans before retirement.

Chase Buchanan Wealth Management is a uniquely experienced team of investment professionals, tax specialists and financial advisers providing expats with expert assistance at every stage of their Portuguese relocation.

We support clients over the long term, assisting with estate planning, creating customised investment strategies and assessing the efficacy of pension and other account structures to optimise returns, tax efficiencies and financial stability.

From our well-established hub in Portugal, we work with clients in-person and remotely, assisted by our UK Administration Centre, and bring decades of expertise to every discussion, providing insights and independence when considering the right investments or pension structures for you – based on an in-depth knowledge of the two respective tax regimes, investment landscapes and pension planning opportunities.

Planning for Portuguese Retirement as a British Expatriate

Retiring abroad in a warm, relaxing Mediterranean climate and enjoying the laid-back lifestyle Portugal offers is a superb retirement aspiration. Still, there are myriad decisions to make regarding your pension, tax exposure and liabilities arising from international product transfers.

Many expats opt to relocate through the non-habitual residency programme, offering favourable tax treatment for up to ten years, including flat rate taxation on most pension benefits. Foreign nationals moving via another visa route may be exposed to Portuguese income tax of up to 48% at the upper end of the scale.

As always, the right options must be adapted to your specific circumstances, financial position and expectations, with potential decisions around retaining UK-based pension products, opting for an international transfer through the Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (ROPS) framework, or opting for other tax-compliant products with a reduced tax liability, such as a Self-Invested Pension Plan (SIPP).


Chase Buchanan’s advisers focus on transparent, understandable advice to ensure you have absolute control over every element of decision-making, with full clarity over the pros and cons, tax liabilities and savings you stand to make, whichever pension planning options feel the best fit for you and your family.

Selecting an Investment Strategy for Portugal

Alongside pension planning, prospective and existing expats need to assess their investment portfolios, with sometimes complex considerations around property and financial assets split between different jurisdictions.

The most viable options depend on your tax residency position and the nature of investment products. We begin every consultation by assessing your risk exposure in detail to ensure our recommendations are tailored closely to your objectives, anticipated returns and time horizons.

Expats have varied opportunities to restructure investments. We look to recommend the best possible solutions from a risk-adjusted perspective as a private, independent wealth management group that puts client satisfaction and personalised advice at the centre of our services.

Finding the Right Partners in Portugal

Our multi-skilled Portuguese wealth management team can assist in every area of financial management, including investment and pensions planning, providing a comprehensive service with a holistic understanding of your priorities.

We focus on customised strategies, whether your objectives are based on long-term capital growth to contribute to a comfortable retirement, capital preservation as part of an estate planning approach, or expedited and elevated returns to provide an immediate secondary income.

Please get in touch with our Portugal office at your convenience to schedule an in-person meeting to explore our services or send us a message at any time if you wish to organise a consultation from the UK ahead of your Portuguese relocation.

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